Our Origin Story

“With great PlugIns, comes great power.”

Many years ago a mild mannered citizen named Bryan Trilli started an agency called Optimized Marketing – this was not your typical marketing agency. Unknown to many people Bryan had a super power. He believed marketing could be quantified and by using science it was possible to increase conversion rates and raise the ROI for digital marketing. His power? Making sense out of all the techno-jargon 😉

Bryan’s quest eventually turned Optimized Marketing into a small powerhouse with capabilities that rival big names in the industry. WordPress quickly became their defacto CMS. As time went on they developed more and more solutions in house and before they knew it they had an arsenal of high quality WordPress PlugIns that were doing amazing things for their clients.

They realized these PlugIns can solve the same problems for other people. It wasn’t fair to keep all these super powers locked away. So they’ve taken a handful of their in-house plugins and released them to the world here on WPSuperPlugIns.com – Now all that power can be yours!

Meet the team

“There is no such thing as an expert marketer. Just experienced marketers and expert testers.”

Who's behind the code?

Greg Trilli

Project Manager

Aliases: The Brain, Tricky Fingers, Mind Worm
History: Attained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.
Powers: Quashing Bugs, Reading Minds, Predicting the Future
Weakness: Carbohydrates

Bryan Trilli

Team Leader

Aliases: Mr. Boss, Test Master, Slim Goodbar
History: Earned degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University. Serial Entrepreneur. For decades he’s been passionate about business, marketing, psychology and building strong relationships.
Powers: Public Speaking, Team Leading, Can test anything,  Talks with Birds
Weakness: Bad Science

Chuck Mailen


Aliases: J, Code Monkey, El Geeko, Keyboard Jockey
History: Grew up in a town called Peculiar. Eagle Scout, Dropped out of college after building his first website back in 1994 and hasn’t stopped since.
Powers: Writing wicked awesome code. Speed reading. Doesn’t need sleep.
Weakness: Lima Beans

Meet the rest of the team at

Don't forget the sidekicks!

With Great PlugIns, comes Great Power.