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How to Setup Instant Lead Text



This feature allows us to send a text message out to the person filling in the forms after the form is submitted. We currently have 2 solutions to accomplish this. One through Callrail and the other through Twilio. We are defaulting to the Callrail solution unless there are issues.


gform lead responder plugin installed, Callrail account setup and at least 1 call tracking number with sms enabled.


Callrail Instant Lead Text

  1. Validate the “Lead Responders” CallRail SMS Settings
    1. In the “Callrail Company Id” field make sure you enter the Company ID (not to be confused with the Account ID) for the tracking number you will be associating with the SMS messages (Click on OM Pic in top right > Account Settings > Integration Keys)
    2. Set “Callrail Sms Alerts” to ‘Yes’ – This enabled the feature.
    3. In the “Callrail Sms Number” field enter a CallRail Tracking number that has SMS turned on
    4. In the “Callrail SMS Msg” field enter the message to send to the customer after filling out a form – This field supports shortcodes
    5. Use Sms On All Forms –
    6. NOTE: SMS Features are bound to the same “schedule” as phone calls, so if you have a schedule filled out then the SMS feature will only function during scheduled times.
  2. Click Update Settings

How to Set up MyLeadResponder/Instant Lead Dialer (Callrail)

Prerequisites: WP site with Gravity Forms and MyLeadresponder plugins installed.

  1. Log in to the WP site you want myleadresponder setup on. Hover over Forms in the left menu and click settings
  2. In the settings list, choose “Lead Responder” from the left side menu
  3. Set Active
    1. Yes
  4. Admin Email – Email that will get notifications if something doesn’t work.
    1. Ex.
  5. Service Type
    1. Callrail
    2. ** IF It is DialogTech Please use the Original Version to fill out the information
  6. CallRail Account ID
    1. Primary Account number not Individual Company number.
      1. Click on the Name in Upper Right >Account Settings > Details > Account Number OR Check Login Doc
      2. Ask Tech – if you are not sure.
  7. Callrail API Key
    1. In login Doc
      1. Should be key associated with the primary account not individual Company Account.
    2. Ask Tech – View Profile > Security > Api Keys
      1. Check in login doc if not visible in callrail. Or create new api key
  8. Callrail Caller ID
    1. The number that shows our client’s number on their customer’s caller ID (New Lead). So when our client chooses to call the user back, this is the number that will display on the caller ID for their potential client.
      1. Should be a Tracking phone number or verified external phone number used to make an outbound call to the customer. Must be a valid 10 digit US or Canadian number.
        1. If you don’t want to use a call tracking number you can add a verified External number by following these instructions:
  9. Callrail Record Call
    1. No or Yes
  10. Phone Number(s) to dial
    1. This is the number that will be called at our Client’s office or cell phone.
  11. Scheduling
    1. If you want the calls to only be made at certain times of the day you can configure this setting to meet the needs. 
    2. If Set it will only call during the times set.
  12. Select Forms
    1. Choose the forms that need the MyLeadResponder added to them.

How To Set Up MyLeadResponder/Instant Lead Dialer (Ifbyphone/Dialogtech)


  1. Create a test form in the client’s WordPress account.
    1. Add name, phone & email
    2. Set confirmation to go to a page other than the traditional ‘thank you’ page, ex. home page
    3. Leave notifications blank for now
  2. Log in to
  3. Under Basic Services, click FindMe
  4. As you’ll be testing this service before setting it up for the client, click Create a New FindMe List (if you already have one skip to step 5)
    1. Put your name under the FindMe name
    2. Under FindMe Type select Individual Find Me
    3. List Ordering select Use the Order Shown at Right
    4. No Answer Time-Out select 30 unless you need it to be more or less
    5. # of Simultaneous Calls – 1
    6. Advanced Audio Prompt select Default
    7. Add YOUR phone number to the Phone Numbers to Call section
    8. Under Call Screening select Whisper Text, the rest of that box should default
    9. Hold Music Configuration should be set to default
    10. Click Save Find Me
  5. Under Basic Services in the Menu System, Select Phone Routing and click on the client you’re setting the service up for
    1. Under MyLeadResponder Emails Will Route Like This…  select Find Someone
    2. Then select the FindMe list you set up in step 4
    3. Under that field insert,
      1. This is a placeholder email address that is placed here to satisfy the entry box. We already receive a copy of this form from the website through our regular leads email account
    4. Click ‘edit domain white list’ and make sure is listed as a domain
    5. Under ‘show this caller id to agent’ select Caller ID
    6. Under ‘show this caller id to lead’ select Caller ID
    7. Click Save Routing
  6. Next to MyLeadResponder Emails Will Route Like This… there will be an email address like the following: (
  7. Organize with a team member to test the form and MyLeadResponder service
  8. Copy the MyLeadResponder email and paste it into the shortcode for sales, service, and route or if the client only wants to this service to be used for a specific type of contact just paste it into that shortcode
  9. Temporarily change the email in the shortcode used on your test form to your email address, your team member’s email, and the email from the MyLeadResponder
  10. Go to your form and make sure under notifications, the correct shortcode is entered in the Send To Email field
  11. From email should be from {admin_email}
  12. Subject should read ‘Contact from’. Actually write it out otherwise the automated systems doesn’t know how to announce the call
  13. The message should have both {all_fields} {embed_url}
  14. Preview the form and fill it out with your team member’s information including phone number
  15. Once you hit send, you should receive an automated phone call from IfByPhone
  16. Press 1 and you’ll be put in touch with your team member
  17. You should also receive the web contact form
  18. If 16 and 17 go well, put the client’s email address back in all email shortcodes that were changed.
    1. Go back to step 3 & 4 and set up the FindMe for the client with their phone number
    2. Make sure the email from MyLeadResponder is the same (it shouldn’t change)
  19. Under one form on the client’s website create a new notification (not a duplicate) and follow steps 10 – 12
  20. Set up a time with the client and test out the form, if all goes well set up new notifications for ALL the forms on the client’s site
  21. Disable the old notification so the new one will be used for each form



Find all MyLeadResponder calls by using: Call Detail Report and be sure to select ‘Call Type: Click-To’

License Details

Expiration Lasts for 1 year.
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.


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