gForms Service Titan


Do you use Service Titan?
Do you use Gravity Forms?

If you said yes to both questions then with our “gForms Service Titan” PlugIn you can tie the two of them together.

This gives you the power to have leads from Gravity Forms flow seamlessly into Service Titan!


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How to setup gForms Service Titan


  1. You must contact Service Titan at the following email address and request an API Key be issued to us for the customer requesting the integration
    2. Service Titan will then reach out to the customer for their approval
    3. Once they receive confirmation from the customer a new API Key will be issued
  2. Make sure you have Gravity Forms installed
  3. Install the gForms for Service Titan PlugIn
  4. Go to Dashboard->Forms->Settings: Service Titan
  5. Enter your API Key – this MUST be the API Key issued to us for this specific customer. You can NOT reuse an API Key for a different customer.
  6. Enter the correct URL to the API. At the time of this writing the address is:
  7. At this point you should save your settings
  8. If the API Key is correct then the drop downs in the “Task Options” section should be populated with information for Service Titan.
    1. NOTE: You may need to log into Service Titan to insure employees, business units, tasks types and task source are updated with the information you need to setup the PlugIn
  9. It is advised that you setup the task integration so a new task to followup or verify the customer’s information will be generated when a new customer is added.
  10. Now you need to map each form so it’s fields populate the information in the correct fields of ServiceTitan.
  11. After the forms are all mapped set the first option on the page, “Service Titan Active?” to “Yes” and it will begin sending forms entries to Service Titan

License Details

Expiration Lasts for 1 year.
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.


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