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How to Setup Zipcode Routing in Gform Utilities plugin


  1. Install Gform Utilities using Managewp and bitbucket repo sync.
  2. Activate Gforms Utilities plugin
    1. Configure plugin – Using information below.
  3. Remove “Gform Send Email Fail Alert” and/or“Gravity Forms Send Email Fail Alert”plugin
  4. Remove “OM: Process Gform Email” plugin

Setup Zip Code Routing:

    1. Make sure Gform Utilities Plugin is installed and at least version 2.0.5.
    2. Go to Forms> Settings>Utilities > URL For Zip Code Routing section
      1. Upload CSV file to Site
        1. Click on the Green ? mark
        2. Click Upload CSV file
        3. Follow instructions to upload csv file.
      2. Add url to CSV file
        1. From Google Doc
          1. Create Google sheet
          2. Once done go to File > Publish to the Web
            1. Make sure Link is selected
            2. Use Entire Doc
            3. Change Webpage to Comma-separated value (.csv)
            4. Under Published content & settings
              1. Check – Automatically republish when changes are made
            5. Click Publish – If published previously there will not be a publish button(it will have a stop publishing button, DON’T CLICK “Stop Publishing”).
          3. After Publishing but still in Publish to the Web interface.
            1. Change Entire Doc to the Tab with the sites zip information
            2. If not already done, Change webpage to to Comma-separated value
            3. Copy Link provided by google in the plugin
          4. Verify URL is correct.
            1. Url should have “output=csv” at the end.
            2. Remove output=csv from the url and load it in a web browser. Make sure it is the correct list of zips.
        2. From Other CSV file online(ex. Already uploaded to media library)
          1. Paste Url to file into plugin.
      3. If you want it to only match the first 3 digits(some canadian locations might want this.) check the box. 
  • Make sure all Canadian Zips are Entered As Upper Case into Spreadsheet.
  1. Click Update Settings
  2. Test Form Routing using dummy zipcode


Failed Notification Email Alert

  1. Go to Go to Forms> Settings>Utilities > Send Email Fail Alert:
  2. Should by default use the website admin email address, but you can change it to anything you would like. Including multiple emails addresses using a comma separated list.
    1. Ex.,
    2. For OM sites use:,

Zip code Filter:

  1. Go to Go to Forms> Settings>Utilities >Accepted Zip Codes
  2. Enter a comma separated list of zipcode in to the box.
  3. Add message to “Rejected Zip Codes Message” Section
  4. Click Save.

MultiStep for Remove Anchor

This removes the jumping around when a multistep form goes to the next page. It defaults to: Yes. Can change if needed.

Add to Notification

This section allows you to add notifications to the beginning and end of notification emails. There is also an option to send this is a certain situation when Email field is not filled in or provided.

Tips and tricks:

General Questions/Info:

  1. Google spreadsheet has to be public and published, correct? – Yes
  2. This works with CSV files but they have to be uploaded to the site first then use the link to it? – Yes
  3. For Routing Notification type, how is bam integration affected?
    1. If a BAM uri is added to the “3rd Party Integration ID” Column it will send the lead to BLT using that uri
    2. If 3rd Party Integration ID” Column is empty it will stop anything from being sent to BLT.
  4. For Routing Notification type with csv, how is email changing affected? – zipcode email routing takes president over Notification “Configure Routing” .
  5. If salesshortcode@domain is used it will pull from [saleemail] shortcode.
    1. Detailed list below
  6. How does the Default/Fallback row work?
    1. If there is a row with 0 As the zipcode, it will use that email for all contacts that don’t match any of the zipcodes above.
    2. If there is NO row with a 0 the zipcode, see #7 below.
  7. What happens if no default/fallback email is supplied? It will use the standard website form processing.  So if an email is used in the To field it used that email if 
  8. How does it interact with user notifications.? – If the notifications Send To field is set to “Select a Field” (uses a field from the form) it will not go through the zipcode processing and will just process as it normally would.

CSV Format:

Email Address 3rd Party Integration ID Zip codes Domain 12345,12346   0

License Details

Expiration Never. (Lifetime license)
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.


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