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How To Use the Super Business PlugIn


The Super Business PlugIn was designed to provide us with a simple, consistent & easy to use interface for managing Shortcodes.


This PlugIn can work along with or independently of the “Shortcodes UI” PlugIn. Changes made in this plugin will be reflected in “Shortcodes UI” and vice versa. Both PlugIns store their information in the same fields and format to make the transition from one to the other as seamless as possible.




First navigate to Dashboard->Settings->Business Settings


This page has several tabs which we’ll quickly review.


  1. Welcome
    This tab has no settings and is a simple welcome to the settings page
  2. Business
    This tab will have 2-3 sections
    Click the green plus ( + ) or minus ( – ) signs to open and close sections

      1. Core Information
      2. Location Information
      3. Industry Information
        1. This section is optional and only displayed if an Industry add-on has been installed and is selected on the “General Settings” tab
  3. Locations
    This tab is broken into a section for each location.
    New locations may be added by clicking the “Add Location” button

    1. Each location has 1-2 sections
      1. Core Information
      2. Industry Location
        1. This section is optional and only displayed if an Industry add-on has been installed and is selected on the “General Settings” tab
    2. Locations may be removed by clicking the “Remove Location” link at the top of each location when it has been opened
  4. Custom Shortcodes
    1. This tab gives us the full power of the Shortcodes UI and contains shortcodes that don’t fit on the other tabs or contain PHP logic to control their display.
    2. By default this section will be blank on an initial install, unless Shortcodes UI has been used on the site. In that case any shortcode created by Shortcodes UI and not managed on the other tabs will display here.
    3. You may edit a custom shortcode by clicking on it’s title
    4. When adding or editing a shortcode you’ll find a form with features similar to the one’s you would find with Shortcodes UI
  5. General Settings
    This tab contains a few general settings that you can leverage

    1. Select Industry
      1. This option allows you to select an “Industry” which will add the industry sections to the Business & Location tabs
      2. The “None” Industry is currently available by default. Additional industries will require installing an additional plugin to provide their fields
    2. Reset Industry Terms – DO NOT USE UNLESS DIRECTED
      1. This plugin requires pages to have a “Topic” before being published
      2. These topics are “terms” similar to categories that are used by the PVD
      3. Clicking “Reset” will remove the current terms and set them back to their default.
      4. It is highly suggested that this only be used as a last resort and in theory should only be needed if the terms themselves have been accidently messed up
    3. Ask users for confirmation when saving a page without a page topic
      1. If checked then users will not be able to save a page without a page topic
      2. If unchecked then users will be prompted to add a page topic but not prevented from saving a page without them
    4. Advanced Tabs
      1. This link, when clicked, will provide 2 additional tabs for diagnostic use
        1. No Topic Pages
          1. This tab lists all pages that do not have a page topic
        2. Registered Shortcodes
          1. This tab lists ALL registered shortcodes and provides additional information for those registered by this PlugIn or by the Shortcodes UI PlugIn
      2. It also adds an additional field on the General Settings tab that can be used to convert a site’s “Advanced Business” and / or “Advanced Location” shortcode to a compatible format
        1. The passphrase for using this feature is:
          Carpe Diem
        2. This should only be used if directed


Notes on fields (shortcodes)


  1. Each field contain the output for the shortcode listed with it
  2. If a field hasn’t been filled out then the shortcode itself will appear in the text box
  3. To update a field simply change the value and tab out of the field
    1. It should turn yellow briefly, then green when the value is saved
    2. NOTE: if the field turns red then the value didn’t save. Delete the value & tab out of the field, then try updating it again
  4. If a field has a red box around it and can’t be edited then it’s an “advanced” shortcode controlled by PHP and can not be edited with this tool at this time. You will need to use the Shortcodes

License Details

Expiration Lasts for 1 year.
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.


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