Super Site Utilities


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How to Setup Super Site Utility Plugin


    1. Install/Update Super Site Utilities plugin
    2. Activate Super Site Utilities plugin

Plugin Setup: Settings > General:

  1. Advanced Loggin
    1. Mail Fail Logging: Yes
    2. Mail Fail Webhook – This will send webhook to zapier which will send out email about issue.
    3. Fill in with Webhook URL(example one from zapier or other service).
  2. Permission Modification:
    1. Modify Permissions – Yes by default
  3. Process Shortcodes in Extra Areas 
    1. Process shortcodes in extra areas – Yes By default
  4. Auto Flush Cache Settings
    1. Flushing cache for posts and coupons,etc… – Nothing by default unless they have scheduled post that need cached cleared for.
      1. Flush post id(s)
      2. Post type to trigger flush
      3. Category to trigger flush
  5. Use VWO Cookie Fix – Yes by default
  6. Remove RSS Feeds – Yes By Default

License Details

Expiration Lasts for 1 year.
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.


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