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How to Setup Super Woo Report


  1. Install Super Woo Reports from the bitbucket Repo.
  2. Create a Google Sheet to hold Order Information. – Ask Opt where they Want the Google Sheet to go. (usually clients drive folder)
    1. Save spreadsheet ID(long multiple character string in the url)
      1. Ex .
      2. SheetID: 999fTVJ0a85MkXG7YCbya8QNz6fjxcqd2XWrajJ3msI1Y
    2. Save Sheet Name
      1. Ex. Sheet 1
  3. Go to WP > WooCommerce > Super Woo Report
    1. If you have not setup a google Project with Google Sheet access follow these instructions:(This should already be done for OM clients)
      1. Create project on
      2. Click Enable APIs and enable the Google Sheets API
      3. Go to Credentials, then click Create credentials, and select Service account key
      4. Choose New service account in the drop down. Give the account a name, anything is fine.
      5. Service account permissions:  For Role I selected Project -> Service Account Actor – Trying with nothing selected.
      6. For Key type, choose JSON (the default) and download the file. This file contains a private key so be very careful with it, it is your credentials after all – Might not be provided anymore.
      7. Edit the sharing permissions for the spreadsheet you want to access and share EDIT access to the “client_email” address you can find in the JSON file.
      8. Add JSON info to json file in plugin.(might need to create or update your own json file)
    2. If you already have a google Project with google sheet access follow these instructions:
      1. Edit the sharing permissions for the spreadsheet you want to access and share EDIT access to the “client_email” address you find in the JSON file.
    3. Add saved Sheet ID to Google Sheet ID filed
    4. Add  Saved Sheet Name to Google Sheet name
    5. Columns Export:
      1. Default:
        1. Product_sku,order_id,order_date_created,order_customer_id,order_billing_first_name,order_billing_last_name,order_billing_company,order_billing_postcode,order_billing_email,order_billing_phone,item_name,quantity,utm_source,utm_medium,utm_campaign,utm_term,utm_content,fbclid,gclid
      2. UTM/Url Parameters:
        1. Add the following: utm_source,utm_medium,utm_campaign,utm_term,utm_content,fbclid,gclid
    6. Save changes.

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